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Two Great Phone Apps

Hello Everyone!

Everywhere we go we hear people talking about apps…did you get this latest app, do you have this one, or have you tried this one? There are so many to choose from now and they do so many different things. My two favorite apps currently on my phone are: Everything.me Home by Everything.me and NFC Task Launcher by Tagstand.

Your device’s homescreen is an app that launches other apps on your device.  That being said, let me start with Everything.me Home a type of app launcher.  Everything.me Home is a third party user interface that replaces your current home screen.   It essentially searches and launches other apps on your phone. What makes this one unique is it searches through tons of apps that can possibly relate to what you are looking for and changes your wallpaper to match that search.  I did a search for the new movie “Pain and Gain” and it’s like it read my mind.  Take a look at the screenshots for how easy it is to bring up trailers, showtimes, tickets, reviews, etc…

Here is a link that includes a video about Everything.me Home .  http://www.androidguys.com/2013/04/22/everything-me-beta-debuts-as-your-dynamic-android-app-launcher/

Now onto my 2nd favorite app or just as equally favorite app NFC Task Launcher ( Play Store:  NFC Task Launcher) that works with NFC tags.  NFC stands for Near Field Communication.   Newer phones like the Nexus 4 come with NFC which allows you to communicate wirelessly and transmit data between two devices.  NFC tags are small discs that allow you to save instructions or information so that when you touch your phone with it, it tells your phone what to do or reads what is stored on the disc(read more:  TAGS FOR DROID).  NFC Task Launcher is an app that allows you to configure the NFC tags.  You can make it so that when you tap your NFC mobile device against the NFC tag, it launches wifi settings, open an application, connects it to your Bluetooth device,  send a tweet or message, just about anything you can think of that you would like to automatically launch on your phone.  I have a tag set up, which I named GYM.  I tap my GYM tag, and it turns on Bluetooth, connects it to my Bluetooth earphones, launches my workout app, my workout music, lowers my display’s brightness, and silences my phone.  All this is done automatically with the tap of my phone.  Love it!










Before getting this, I would stand on the treadmill for a few minutes to take the time and launch all the settings and activities previously mentioned.  What was I thinking?!


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